The title of this song (“BABUSHKA BOI”)is derived from a very popular head scarf from Russia. This head scarf in question is known primarily as a fashion accessory for old women in Russia. A$AP Rocky began wearing babushkas himself in late 2018 to conceal a facial scar. And since then he has been using them regularly, primarily in the name of fashion. And in the third verse, he acknowledges that is what the title of this track is based on. In that verse, he mentions a “buck fifty” – which is a reference to a facial cut which requires 150 stitches – and subsequently his “babushka”.

But the song itself is not about head scarves. Rather, if it is based on any singular theme it would be as a tribute to Al Pacino’s 1983 classic mobster film “Scarface”. For not only are various references to the movie found in the bridge, chorus and outro. But also A$AP presents himself as someone who, a lot like the character, relies heavily on gun violence and lives a high-priced lifestyle. He also categorically likens himself to Tony Montana. In doing the comparison, he states that he too has a scar on his face, which once again leads to his affinity for babushkas.

Meaning of “Babushka Boi”

So if you want to derive a singular meaning from this song, its primary purpose seems to be depicting A$AP Rocky as a rich bad boy. His life is primarily about guns, money, expensive cars, smoking and sleeping with an assortment of women. So the titular “Babushka Boi”, which is a reference to himself, possesses these characteristics.

And content wise, outside of potentially introducing a new fashion accessory to the world of hip-hop, this song doesn’t differ much from most of its contemporaries. In other words, it is based on the artist exalting himself, specifically in the categories of wealth, intimate encounters with women and violence.

Lyrics of "BABU$HKA BOI"

How did A$AP Rocky get the scar on his face?

The incident which resulted in A$AP Rocky receiving a facial scar, according to his own words, occurred in September of 2018.

It seems he got jumped/assaulted. But that’s just word on the street, not anything verifiable. And it’s obvious he didn’t want to talk about it. FYI: Dudes often do that when they want to go about seeking vengeance themselves.

However, somewhat conversely, he states that he “started” wearing babushkas when he appeared on the “The Daily Show with Trevor Noah”, which actually occurred a month earlier, on 3 August 2018.

Debut and Release Date of “Babuska Boi”

A$AP Rocky debuted this song on 8 January 2019, during his Injured Generation Tour, with “Babu$hka Boi” eventually being officially dropped on 28 August 2019.

Production and Writing Credits  

The track’s producers, Boys Noize and Hector Delgado, also assisted A$AP Rocky in writing “Babu$hka Boi”.

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