“Simon Says” by Megan Thee Stallion Ft. Juicy J

“Simon Says” is fundamentally a song about romantic intimacy. And the artists portray roles where they are more or less trying to exploit each other. Juicy J is a character who is out to score some hot intimate affairs from women that appeal to him. And he understands that sometimes they need to be influenced via “a thousand ones”. 

Meanwhile Megan herself is more than willing to entertain a man in that regard. And interestingly enough, in the process, she hopes to secure some “racks” at his expense. She also dedicates a few bars to deviate from the overall topic in the name of throwing shade at haters. She also gives a special shoutout to women whose men she seduced and herself for being the “hottest out”.

Lyrics of "Simon Says"

Songwriter Controversy

  • Upon its release by 300 Entertainment on 17 May 2019, “Simon Says” got the majority of its press due to a songwriter controversy. A relatively-obscure artist named Wolftyla had insinuated, via social media, that she wrote the song, upon which Megan Thee Stallion quickly shot her down. The true genesis of the beef appears to be that Wolftyla assisted Juicy J, who is a credited artist, with his contributions to the track (i.e. the chorus). However, she had not been acknowledged for such. But she has been able to present proof that the issue may ultimately be resolved in her favor.
  • The two credited writers are again Juicy J, along with Megan Thee Stallion. 
  • Juicy J is also the sole producer of the track.

On which album does “Simon Says” appear? Does it appear on the same album as “Big Ole Freak”?

The track was released from Megan’s 2019 project titled Fever. The song “Big Ole Freak“, on the other hand, features on her EP titled Tina Show. This EP came out in 2018.

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