Meaning of “Bongos” Cardi B & Megan Thee Stallion

OMG! It feels like Christmas came early this year! ???? When I saw the notification of “Bongos” pop up with that pre-save link, I literally screamed. I mean, we’ve all been waiting for this collab for ages, and just knowing it’s happening is giving me life!

And can we talk about the cover arts? ???? ICONIC is the word! The first one had that fierce, independent queen vibe, and then the alternative one just came and raised the bar even higher with that sultry, powerful imagery. These two queens are about to redefine the era of female rap, mark my words.

The trailer, though, six hours before the release? Cardi knows how to build suspense and get everyone on the edge of their seats! It was a mere snippet, but it showcased a world of fierce and unapologetic grandeur. I set several alarms to not miss the release, which eventually happened via Atlantic Records on 8th September, 2023.

Lyrics of “Bongos”

In this series of lyrics, Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion explore themes of empowerment, wealth, and sexual liberation. Through bold and explicit language, the artists emphasize their control over their own bodies and sexual experiences while flaunting their financial independence and success.

They engage with provocative and assertive language as they delineate their desires and boundaries, reinforcing their autonomy over their sexual and financial domains. The imagery used is vivid and often uses a braggadocio style to depict a lifestyle replete with luxury and self-assurance, with references to high-end brands like Hermès and Goyard to illustrate their financial acumen and independence.

Furthermore, the repetitive “Bong” sounds in the intro and refrains seem to mimic the beat of a drum, possibly serving as a metaphor for heartbeat or the rhythmic, energetic nature of their music and personas.


The artists portray themselves as dominant figures in their relationships, with a focus on the pleasure and satisfaction they derive, establishing a narrative that is unabashedly centered on female pleasure, a topic often considered taboo.


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