“Girls in the Hood” by Megan Thee Stallion

As its cover art implies, this song is based on Megan Thee Stallion bragging about her sensual prowess. As a premise she points out that she has a number of female haters.  And the way she goes about exacting her revenge, if you will, on them is by seducing their men. Or perhaps more accurately we can say that guys find her irresistible. So if she actually decides to pay one of her admirers attention, she has the wherewithal to exert complete control over the relationship.

And as pointed out in the trivia section, the title of this song was inspired by an old N.W.A. track which is also sampled into “Girls in the Hood”. Megan only uses the phrase once, in the third verse while pointing out that “girls in the hood are always hard”. And within the context this statement is made she is speaking to her commitment to generating income, which can be deduced as the secondary theme of the track.

Release Date

300 Entertainment and 1501 Certified Entertainment released this track, as a standalone single, on 26 June 2020.

Boyz n the Hood

This song interpolates as well as derives its name from a 1987 Eazy-E track entitled “Boyz n the Hood”, which also served as the title to the classic 1991 Cuba Gooding Jr. film.

Writing Credits for “Girls in the Hood”

Said film co-starred Ice Cube, who is credited as a co-writer of “Girls in the Hood” since he’s actually the one who wrote Eazy-E’s aforementioned track. Eazy-E is also acknowledged as a co-writer, as well as Dr. Dre, who produced the “Boyz n the Hood” song. And the other co-writers are Megan Thee Stallion, Bobby Sessions and the track’s producers, Scott Storch and IllDaProducer.

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