“Thot Sh*t” by Megan Thee Stallion

On this particular song, Megan Thee Stallion is said to be taking on the role of her established alter ego, Tina Snow. This character is meant to represent the rawer side of Megan’s persona. And what that would mean for instance is that within the lyrics, the rapper isn’t ashamed to present herself as a “thot”.

A Thot

Who is a thot? A thot, most easily understood within such a context, is a woman who is unapologetic in terms of using her body in a sexual capacity to generate income or even if simply for her own pleasure. 

Also as presented, it would be one with an impressive body, most notably a pleasing-to-look-at back side. In fact from an inspirational standpoint, “Thot Sh*t” is actually a twerking song. And it would appear that to some degree Megan is addressing the type of women one would find in the types of establishments where such is commonly practiced. 

Or perhaps we can say something like she is portraying the role of such an individual, i.e. a stripper, herself.

An irresistible thot

Megan is also able to celebrate her ability to entice rich dudes. In fact as a romantic interest, you’re not even going to get the time of day unless you’re ready and willing to ‘spend’. And, we all know how these types of tracks tend to go. 

But somewhere around the middle of the song, the subject matter starts to change. And then it becomes more braggadocious. Here, the vocalist proudly references her ‘boss’ status in the game and skills as a rapper. She also makes quite a few references to “these hoes” and the such, i.e. her female rivals and haters. And in that regard, Thee Stallion is touting her superiority over them.

Thot Sh*t

So Thot Sh*t is like a rap song representative of two separate eras in hip-hop, if you will, in terms of its focus. It starts of like a modern-day female superstar rap, with the singer celebrating promoting her sexuality and wealth with no shame. 

But then later, it becomes more of the type of boasting rap we’ve been familiar with since the earlier days of the genre. And in terms of combining all of this into a thesis statement, title, video and all, what it appears Megan is trying to put forth is simply that she doesn’t give AF, no matter who has what to say about her. 

Indeed all things considered, when she refers to ‘b*t*hes’ criticizing her she may be alluding to males who do so also. And as evident by the utilization of such terminology, she is dispositioned towards being confrontational rather than apologetic.

Tina Show II

As of the writing of this post, this track will reportedly be featured on a project entitled Tina Snow II, which will be Megan’s second full-length.  And with the song being released by 300 Entertainment on the date of 11 June 2021, that would make Thot Shit the lead single from the album.

Facts about “Thot Sh*t”

The music video to this track was directed by Aube Pierre.

The audio itself was authored exclusively by Megan Thee Stallion, and its producers are LilJuMadeDaBeat and OG Parker.

You may notice that the cover art to this song, euphemistically speaking, is quite eye-catching. Combining the symbolism of this photo with the storyline presented in the music video, it would logically appear that Megan is using the opportunity of the release of Thot Sh*t to take shots at James P. Bradley. 

Bradley is a prominent politician from California who, in August of 2020, made headlines for strongly criticizing the release of Megan Thee Stallion’s hit song “WAP” alongside Cardi B. And it doesn’t take rocket science to figure out he was the inspiration behind the antagonist in the music video. 

Also the male model on the cover art was perhaps chosen due to certain physical similarities he has with Bradley, such as both them possessing a clean-bald head.

Thot Sh*t

Megan Thee Stallion

Megan Thee Stallion, having burst on the scene relatively recently in 2016, has expeditiously gone about establishing herself as one of the A list hip-hop artists in the game. In fact 2021 was her year, as she took home three trophies at the Grammy Awards back in March. 

Two of them, Best Rap Song and Best Rap Performance, were for a remix, featuring Beyoncé, of her 2020 tune “Savage“. And the other accolade was Megan being named Best New Artist. And in between 2019 and 2021 alone she has been nominated for a plethora of awards, winning more in the process than can be mentioned here.

Megan Pete, as the rapper is legally named, hails from San Antonio, Texas. And she was actually given the nickname “Stallion” long before her music career began. The “Stallion” is because of her height. Despite being a female, she stands at a relatively-tall height of 5-feet 10-inches.

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    I love Megan thee stallion and thot sh-t is my fav song from her cuz no other girls can rap it like me. Plus this song is so fast and exiting by the way, I’m also da best! ?

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