“So Long” by Diplo (Ft. Cam)

The song is based on the singer (Cam) seducing – for lack of a better word – a romantic interest. And her argument for him to submit to her love seems to be based on her concluding that he has spent “so long” alone that he could logically use a partner.

You can view the lyrics, alternate interprations and sheet music for Cam's So Long at Lyrics.org.

Indeed she recognizes that he is “fine doing life on (his) own” and is good when it comes to being lonely. However, she is also thoroughly convinced that her love will edify his life, as she rationalizes that although he is effectively flying solo that in no way means he should end up spending his life alone.

She also acknowledges that her love is ‘what his heart wants’. Owing to this, she is now putting the onus on him to make up his mind in terms of letting her into his life, which she is convinced is what he actually desires.

Lyrics of "So Long"

Facts about “So Long”

  • Cam and Diplo wrote this track along with a number of other talented individuals. They include the likes of Sasha Sloan, Michael Hardy, Tyler Johnson and King Henry.
  • Co-writers, King Henry alongside Diplo worked together in the production of this song.
  • Mad Decent, a record label based in Philadelphia, dropped this track on 24 April 2019. On that same day Diplo uploaded the lyric video to “So Long” on YouTube.
  • “So Long” is the first amidst a series of country-music inspired collaborations Diplo anticipates dropping in the near future under the alias Thomas Wesley, which is also the name of the album it will be featured on.

Is this the first time American country music singer Cam and Diplo are working together?

Yes. This is the couple’s first ever time working with each other.

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