“Win Win” by Diplo Ft. Tove Lo

win-win situation is one in which both parties involved walk away triumphant. And in this track the singer (Tove Lo) is presenting such a scenario to the individual she is addressing.

What we know about this person is that he is not her lover. In fact he seems to be recuperating from a painful heartbreak caused by his relationship with another woman. However, Tove is hoping he can get his mind off of her. Indeed Tove has a strong romantic interest in him, as in desiring to “kiss” his pain away. So what she wants is the two of them to enjoy an intimate night together. And she believes by doing so, they “can both be free”. And by her estimation, that is definitely a “win win”.

Facts about “Win Win”

  • Diplo, as a member of Major Lazer, has collaborated with Tove Lo before on the 2018 track “Blow That Smoke”, which was actually the last single released featuring Tove prior to this one.
  • Tove Lo teased the release of “Win Win”, which was officially dropped on 2 May 2019, via Twitter on 23 April 2019.
  • Diplo and Wax Motif produced this track and also co-wrote it alongside Ely Rise and Tove Lo.
  • “Win Win” is featured on Diplo’s Higher Ground EP, which was released on the same day as this single.

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