Meaning “Hold You Tight” by Diplo

In Diplo’s “Hold You Tight”, the narrator is apparently singing to a friend. Throughout the song, she is basically expressing his intent to hold onto this guy and also his request that this show of affection is reciprocated. And although the nature of their relationship is never specified, the implication is that it is indeed a romantic one since the narrator makes statements like telling this person that he is “gonna see how good it can be”.

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The narrator is committed to holding this person tight, even through the rain. While these statements can be taken literally, they are likely symbolic for the general feelings he has about this dude. For instance, “hold you tight” can be interpreted as an overall statement of deep affection and intent to strongly love a person. Moreover, “through the rain” likely alludes to the narrator’s intent to exhibit these sentiments even under adverse conditions.

As such, the narrator is also imploring this “boy” to likewise display a similar commitment to him, and together they will have an exceptional union.

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