“Something Like That” by Tim McGraw

Tim McGraw’s “Something Like That” is ultimately an ode to the power of a first love. That is to say that such relationships tend to be such that you’ll never forget the first person who secured your heart. Or as Tim puts forth in this piece, it may well be that you think about him or her on a regular basis.

And to illustrate that point, the vocalist harps back to his own initial serious romantic relationship. He doesn’t get into much detail concerning the specifics thereof because again, that isn’t really the point. Rather more importantly is that from his perspective it was love at first sight, and the two of them did proceed to become an item.

With that established, the narrative then shifts to “five years later”, as in presumably half a decade after the two of them had parted ways. Tim unexpectedly runs into his ex on an airplane. And he seems amused – for lack of a better word – when she asks whether or not he remembers her, as McGraw’s response is along the lines of ‘how can a heart forget something like that?’. His heart can never forget her because she was, after all, the first woman he had fallen in love with.

Tim McGraw, "Something Like That" Lyrics

Release of “Something Like That”

On 28 June 1999, “Something Like That” was issued as the second single from Tim McGraw’s album titled “A Place in the Sun”. Both single and album are products of Curb Records. 


The track did well for itself, topping the US Hot Country Songs chart as well as its counterpart in Canada. This song also managed to be certified double-platinum in the United States. But even more impressively, according to airplay tracking service Nielsen BDS, it holds the distinction of being one of the 2000s’ most played songs on radio.


Tim McGraw co-produced “Something Like That” with Byron Gallimore and James Stroud, and its writers are Keith Follesé and Rick Ferrell.

Something Like That

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