“Her” by Tim McGraw

The way the lyrics of this song (“Her”) read are as if the vocalist is using the opportunity to big up his significant other for being the stabilizing presence in his life, and the way he most notably goes about doing so is by delineating her edifying characteristics. 

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But instead of Tim taking the standard approach of making his sweetheart the direct recipient of the lyrics, “she” is rather referred to throughout in the third person.

So in some ways this is your quintessential love song, one in which the vocalist goes about illustrating how his life has been completely changed for the better since he’s acquired this special someone. But in other ways “Her” is a bit unconventional, in that besides celebrating his boo’s physical beauty, Tim also shouts out the likes of her ‘strong faith’ and ‘true and wild spirit’. 

It is those attributes, her ability to exude positivity, which has ‘straightened out’ his life and granted the vocalist a more settled disposition. So when you couple those effects with her physical attractiveness, it’s as if now the singer has found the woman who he wants to settle down with.

Her heart is true and her spirit wild
Her faith is strong and, man, her smile’s
Got blue sky right behind it
There’s a bright side, man, she’ll find it
Sometimes I wish that I could be a little less like me
A little more like her”

As with all of the other tracks on Tim McGraw’s album “Standing Room Only”, the singer produced this song with Byron Gallimore.

The credited writers of “Her” are Jimmy Yeary, Tim Nichols and Jason Gantt.

This song was officially released on 25 August 2023, via the backing of Big Machine Records.


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