Meaning of “Remember Me Well” by Tim McGraw

Big Machine Records released “Remember Me Well” on 21 July 2023, about a month before the album it is featured on, Tim McGraw’s “Standing Room Only”, came out. However, by the looks of things “Remember Me Well” was not officially issued as a single. So if anything, it would have apparently been along the lines of a promo single.

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Remember Me Well

The Lyrics of “Remember Me Well”

Most of the songs found on “Standing Room Only” are romantic in nature. And so it is with this one, where we find the vocalist addressing the woman whom he’s obviously in love with.

Whereas saying this piece is difficult to understand would be a stretch, let’s say it is one of the sentimentally-complex songs featured on the LP. For example, it doesn’t read as if the two parties involved have actually, or let’s say officially broken up. 

But at the same time, Tim makes it pretty clear that the “spark” that once existed in their relationship is no longer present. And more specifically to the matter at hand, he’s been able to discern that the addressee has lost interest in him considering that, as illustrated in the first verse, she has apparently expressed an unshakeable desire to bounce.

So all of the above considered, he is giving her an ultimatum of sorts. The addressee should either cut him off officially, if you will, or if not, she should at least ‘remember Tim well’. 

Basically, said instruction is another way of the vocalist saying that even if the relationship at hand proved too fleeting for his liking, it was meaningful for him nonetheless. So with his sweetheart deciding to bounce seemingly against his will, it’s as if the singer wants to make sure that she doesn’t do so with some type of unjustifiably-ill feelings towards him. Put simply, Tim doesn’t feel as if it’s his fault that their relationship isn’t as gratifying as it used to be.

“If you’re gonna drink to me, drink tequila
If you’re gonna think of me, think of that balcony
On the corner of 5th and Eviston
Like we’re back in that beach motel again
It wasn’t just wasted time wе spent together
Wе had a few moments worth forever
If you’re gonna love me, don’t keep it to yourself
If you’re gonna hate me, tell me go to hell
If you’re gonna forget me, find someone else
If you’re gonna remember me, remember me well”


This song was written by Jimmy Robbins and Heather Morgan, and Tim McGraw produced it alongside his steady behind-the-scenes’ collaborator, Byron Gallimore.

To note, Tim McGraw dropped a similarly-titled track, “Please Remember Me”, back in 1995.

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