“Spring Day” by BTS

‘Spring Day’ is a motivational piece about looking forward to a summer of fun with friends. However, the song has a deeper meaning it. It talks about the changing of the seasons and how akin they are to good and bad moments in life. Winter is described as a depressing time while summer is viewed as a period of great optimism.

The music and lyrics do well to express these sentiments. That being said, this piece is one of those songs that are open to interpretation. It could be viewed as a simple depiction of ordinary life or a metaphorical expression of depression. Most people would find the latter more accurate. No matter one’s take on the song, it certainly will speak differently to different people. The key message is that bad moments will certainly make way for good times. These are part of life’s patterns. Circumstances may change but hope for something better remains. ‘Spring Day’ will certainly bring comfort to those who need encouragement in trying times.  

The Bangtan Boys released ‘Spring Day’ on February 13, 2017. It is from their repackage album You Never Walk Alone.  

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