“Stay Beautiful” by Taylor Swift

In “Stay Beautiful”, Taylor Swift clearly expresses her adoration for a particular person though she doubts they will ever be together. The first thing she mentions is his name, Corey, which suggests this as the person she constantly refers to in the song.

She first compares his eyes to a jungle, probably referring to its green color, their vibrant nature and her desire to explore the depths of his emotions. Her mention of radio and songs simply allude to the fact that her love for him comes as close as her love for music. Again the use of ‘whispers’ indicate the point that her admiration is a secret to everyone. Interestingly, Corey seems unaware of the fact that there are several pretty girls, including the narrator, who are attracted to him. In fact, this ignorance of his good looks makes him even more desirable to the singer.

Although she greatly admires Corey, she is unable to hold a proper conversation with him, and only ends up with the pictures she takes of him in her mind, even from a distance. In the chorus, Swift confesses that she adores every part of him and believes that he is going to be great someday. Her hope is that after he has explored all he wants, he will be led straight to her, however if it doesn’t happen that way, she’ll be fine. In essence, she simply wants him to remain as he is: beautiful.

Taylor Swift talks about “Stay Beautiful”

Taylor, speaking on the inspiration of the song, mentioned that she has often been asked how many people she has dated since many of her songs are based on different relationships. She however, explained that most of those songs are based on her observations rather than her own experience. Thus, “Stay Beautiful” for instance, is about a guy she never dated or even really talked to, but always thought he was cute.

Taylor also revealed in a Speak Now commercial that the song was about her 4th grade crush named Corey Robinson. According to the singer, he liked another girl and could’ve never guessed that Swift would have written a song about him later.

Lyrics of “Stay Beautiful”

Facts about “Stay Beautiful”

This song can be found on Taylor’s first album, which is likewise entitled “Taylor Swift”. And it came out via Big Machine Records as a part of that project on 24 October 2006.

Taylor Swift wrote this song along with noted country songwriter Liz Rose.  And the producer of the track is one of her career mainstays, Nathan Chapman.

For the record, Taylor has clarified that this song is “about a guy (she) never dated”.

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