“Surrender” by Godsmack

Sully Erna has implied that the thesis sentiment behind “Surrender” revolves around a desire to quit being caught up in a contentious, back-and-forth type of relationship. And in lyrical context yes, he does primarily seem to be referring to one that is romantic in nature. 

By all means, those of us who have been in such situations can attest to the fact that at times, romances that are troubled degenerate into a never-ending-battle type of scenario. So the implication behind Erna’s aforenoted explanation gave the impression that perhaps in this case, the vocalist was going to be the more-mature one. Thus he would lay down his sword in the name of maintaining peace with the addressee. To note, the addressee is the person whom he’s in this relationship with.

But then again, those of us who have been in such situations will likely also admit that once the fighting starts, it’s virtually impossible to stop. Indeed, it would ultimately require one or both parties to take it on the chin as opposed to reacting or trying to hurt the other person’s feelings in kind. 

Well in this case, the vocalist definitely isn’t said party. In fact quite surprisingly once again given Erna’s explanation, what we are rather met with here is the singer basically lambasting the addressee. 

Or put otherwise, he is presenting this individual as a toxic associate. She’s so toxic that Erna concludes that he ‘needs to separate from’ her. And meanwhile, he doesn’t take any personal responsibility at all for their relationship being in this less-than-ideal state.

Addressee is to Blame

Basically Sully is putting all of the blame on the addressee in terms of whatever beef they may have. And the ‘surrendering’ he proceeds to refer to for the most part doesn’t have anything to do with him adopting a humbler disposition. And why? Because he feels that he’s already done so. 

Instead what the vocalist is doing, in a less-than-kind way, is letting the addressee know that she rather is the one who needs to “surrender”. Put simply, he wants her to cast her personal feelings and shortcomings aside in the name of perpetuating their union, at this point.

So Erna does end up coming off, most simply put, as being self-righteous or at least someone who feels as if he has already repented in full. And as such, the conclusive implication is that if the addressee doesn’t proceed to do so herself, then he’s going to have to go his separate way, at least for the time being.

Lyrics of Godsmack's "Surrender"

Sully Erna explains the meaning of “Surrender”

According to Erna, this song focuses on the “exhaustion” from the constant fighting in troubled a relationship.

Sully Erna explains the meaning of "Surrender"


Godsmack is a band of rockers from a small city in Massachusetts known as Lawrence. This act has been around since the mid-1990s.

When was “Surrender” released?

The 28th of September 2022 marked the official release date of “Surrender”. It serves as the lead single from the band’s ninth studio album titled “Lighting Up the Sky”. 

Who wrote “Surrender”?

Currently (and since 2002) Godsmack is a four-man act. It consists of the following individuals:

  • Sully Erna
  • Robbie Merrill
  • Tony Rombola
  • Shannon Larkin 

And it is Erna, alongside behind-the-scenes’ musician Erik Ron who are credited with writing “Surrender”. Dave Fortman holds the production credits for “Surrender”.


3 Responses

  1. Anonymous says:

    The first time I heard Surrender, I was like, oh good; finally an new Godsmack release!
    Upon hearing it a second time, the lyrics literally pierced my soul! I literally cried and cried and cried my broken heart and soul out! Is song was written about a time in my life, not so long ago, with my wife of almost 25 years reconciling our marriage. Living with lost and broken dreams and surrendering those and hurt feelings for the betterment of “us”.
    Surrender couldn’t have come along at a better time than now! The releases timing was perfect!

  2. CaraS says:

    When I heard this song the fist time , I thought of my relationships with the ones in my life who love me. Then when I hear the song again, I feel the words speaking to my own soul , of the battle within me, the love/hate relationship of myself! Surrender to me!

  3. Surrender says:

    I felt the same piercing effect but, i thought of Jesus because he asks us to surrender and let him take the drivers seat!

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