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Win Win

“Win Win” by Diplo Ft. Tove Lo

A win-win situation is one in which both parties involved walk away triumphant. And in this track the singer (Tove Lo) is presenting such a scenario to the individual she is addressing. What we know about this...

Hold You Tight

Meaning “Hold You Tight” by Diplo

In Diplo’s “Hold You Tight”, the narrator is apparently singing to a friend. Throughout the song, she is basically expressing his intent to hold onto this guy and also his request that this show...

Thunderclouds by LSD

Meaning of “Thunderclouds” by LSD

“Thunderclouds” is a song by LSD. Lyrically, this track deals mainly with the important issues of fear, distrust and anxiety that characterize many a romantic relationship. There are two narrators/singers in the song: Sia...