“Motivation” by Normani

Succinctly put, Normani’s “Motivation” is a song in which Normani is addressing a man who she wants to have passionate bedroom fun with. Thus she is trying to “motivate” him to spend the night with her. And the way she is going about doing so is by enticing him with the words which constitute this song. Simply put, the lyrics contained therein serve the primary goal of enticing him.

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The setting of the song appears to be the two of them alone at home.  And he is on his way out the door to engage in some other activity.  However Normani does not want him to leave. And what she is using to entice him to stay is the guarantee of a fulfilling, ‘innovative’ bedroom experience. Indeed in her mind, that is the ideal way for the two of them to enjoy the night.

So instead of walking out the door, she wants him to take a good look at her and, using her looks  in combination with the type of adventure she is promising, be ‘motivated’ to stay. So all things considered, this is a pretty straightforward song. And the goal of the singer is to inspire a male whom she finds physically attractive to be with her.

Lyrics of "Motivation"

Ariana Grande co-wrote “Motivation”

Normani co-wrote “Motivation” with fellow American singer Ariana Grande, making it the first time both singers have worked together on a song. That said, it should be noted that Normani was an opening act for Grande on the North American leg of her 2019 Sweetener World Tour.

In addition to Grande, other songwriters who worked on the song include:

  • ILYA (who was also responsible for the song’s production)
  • Savan Kotecha
  • Max Martin

Release Date

Normani released “Motivation” through a number of labels (including RCA Records) on the 16th of August, 2019.

As lead artist, this was Normani’s second song to be released as a single in 2019. Her first for 2019 was the hit collaboration with Sam Smith titled “Dancing with a Stranger“.

On which album does “Motivation” appear?

Normani officially dropped this tune as the lead single from her maiden album.

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  1. B Bain says:

    Normani is not begging some crush to go home with her. She’s trying to “motivate” her man to stay at home and spend time with her instead of “leavin’ solo” to go out.

    At first, she strokes his ego with:
    “You got that good good, baby‚ don’t you?
    Got that good good, baby, don’t you?”

    However, she’s annoyed that he’s been neglectful/slacking of late, telling him:
    “And you regular‚ [expletive], and you regular.”

    She’s tired of fighting for his time/attention saying :
    “I ain’t gon’ keep keep fightin’ for it,
    Ain’t gon’ keep keep fightin’ for it. ”

    Finally, she tries to remind him that what they have is special:
    “Cause you know this thing here
    Ain’t regular, [expletive], ain’t regular”

    She then strokes his ego again; this time referring to herself. Reminding him of her own worth saying:
    “You got a bad one, baby, don’t you?
    Got a bad one, baby, don’t you
    And we both know there’s no
    One better, boy, no one better, boy.”

    He evidently has somewhere else to be [maybe work or some other appointment]. She’s trying to convince him to cancel his plans:
    “Too late, won’t make it, I’ma tell ’em,
    Get you [expletive], but I won’t tell ’em (Yee)”

    She proposes an alternative past time:
    “Fallin’ into the bed
    Why would we ever do somethin’ instead of
    Fallin’ into the bed right now?
    (Eh, right now, now)”

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