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Dancing's Done

“Dancing’s Done” by Ava Max

Fully interpreting the lyrics of Ava Max’s “Dancing’s Done” requires us to go out on a limb a bit. Fundamentally, what we’re dealing with here is a love song. That much is at least certain, and...

Let It Die

“Let It Die” by Ellie Goulding

The lyrics of “Let It Die” are very metaphorical, to the point that some segments, such as the first verse, are quite difficult to comprehensively make sense of. But based on Ellie Goulding’s explanation of...

Million Dollar Baby

“Million Dollar Baby” by Ava Max

Ava Max has revealed that the sentiments expressed in “Million Dollar Baby” were founded during an era in her life whereas she was enduring “heartbreak and… a lot of sadness”. It was one of those types of...