“These Demons” by Eminem (ft. MAJ)

The sentiment behind Eminem’s “These Demons” is seemingly premised on how many people who criticize him are actually hypocrites. In other words, they want him to be uninhibited yet at the same time not to “go too far”. But of course, Slim Shady has little concern for what people think of him anyway. Rather he has his own personal reasons for making music. And with that being noted, he goes about this particular song in traditional Marshal Mathers’ fashion, dropping plenty of pop references alongside crazy metaphors. 

Indeed the titular “demons” may allude to the vocalist’s own mental issues, so to speak.  Or it can also perhaps be interpreted as referring to the aforementioned individuals who tend to persecute Eminem. And on a more-serious note, the rapper does take a brief moment out to address the Black Lives Matter cause. He also namedrops fellow rappers Young M.A. and Bone Thugs-N-Harmony. He even also goes as far as to almost mention one of his most-controversial rivals, Mariah Carey, but stops short of doing so.

Eminem produced this track with Mike Zombie, D.A. Got That Dope and TheLoudPack (Shivam Barot & Pat Rosario). All of those artists are also individually credited as co-writers of “These Demons”, as is MAJ, who provides vocals to the tune.

This is the 10th track on the playlist of “Music to Be Murdered By: Side B”. This is the surprise album Eminem dropped on 18 December 2020 through a number of labels, including his own Shady Records.

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    I really like and enjoy listening to this track.

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