“Book of Rhymes” by Eminem (ft. DJ Premier)

The titular “book of rhymes” alludes exactly to that, i.e. the pad in which Eminem writes down his raps. And the stated purpose of this track is to allow the rapper a means by which he can air out some of these lyrics to the public which theoretically he hadn’t done prior. But generally speaking, Slim Shady uses the opportunity to put on his naughty hat and drop the same type of “villainous” wordings he is known for. Though at this point, since we’re all already familiar with his character, Em implying that he slept with your mother for instance holds little shock value. 

One notable line amidst it all however is when he disses Justin Vernon, a former collaborator, of Bon Iver fame. And he does dedicate a few bars in terms of threatening enemies in an ambiguous, lyrical sort of way. 

In all, this is another one of Shady’s tracks which it obviously meant to show off his talented songwriting and lyrical skills.

Facts about “Book of Rhymes”

“Book of Rhymes” was produced by Eminem, Luis Resto and IllaDaProducer. All three of those artists are also credited as co-writers in addition to the following:

  • ATL Jacob
  • Matthew N. Jacobson
  • P. Rock
  • Ronny J.
  • R. Fraser
  • Future
  • Young M.A. of “Ooouuu” fame

Long-standing rap star Nas is also credited as a co-writer of this track. That’s because a song he released in 2002, itself entitled “Book of Rhymes”, is interpolated into Eminem’s piece.

Meanwhile another hip-hop vet, DJ Premier, contributed (turntable) scratches to the tune. And he has worked with Slim Shady numerous times in the past, though largely in an unofficial sort of capacity (i.e. on freestyles).

“Book of Rhymes” is part of the playlist of “Music to Be Murdered By: Side B”, the Eminem album which Interscope Records released on 18 December 2020. And the other labels behind the project are Aftermath Entertainment and Shady Records.

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