Meaning of “Winner” by Conan Gray

“Winner” is a Conan Gray single that was released on 25 August 2023. The singer hasn’t been terribly active this year (2023) in terms of dropping new music, as the only other song he has come out with thus far is “Never Ending Song“. 

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But that said, Conan was compelled to write this particular piece as a form of therapy. Or as Gray explained, he “wrote this song at 2 a.m.”. And in doing so, he experienced “a certain freedom that comes from recognizing that you’ve been hurt”.


Lyrics of “Winner”

In the process of explaining the background behind this track, Conan also let it be known that the lyrics are open to listener interpretation. 

But even if the nature of the relationship between the vocalist and addressee is never specified, it is obvious that the goal of the former is to present and forthrightly acknowledge the latter as someone who is self-centered and abusive. 

That’s why in the chorus, Gray is celebrating said individual as “the winner”. That is to say that he’s sarcastically congratulating the addressee for successfully “making (him) feel worse” than anyone else has in his entire life.

In the second verse the narrative takes on a bit of a twist. Now that Conan has parted ways with this person – who may well, all lyrics considered be his ex – it reads as if he or she is pining to get back together with Kid Krow. And even though the singer, as the thesis sentiment clearly illustrates, suffered abuse at this individual’s hand, he actually “feel(s) guilty” now that the other party is rather trying to paint him as the aggressor.

Conclusively, it is never stated whether they get back together or not.  But in any event, Gray has had enough experience with the other party to know that they represent an unprecendently-toxic presence in his life.

“Is that there’s no one
Who ever has done better
At makin’ me feel worse
Now you rеally are the winner
Yеah, there’s nothing
That ever did quite kill me
More than what you did
Now you really are the winner
Take a bow ’cause you’re the winner”


“Winner” was produced by Greg Kurstin, who is also credited with co-writing the song alongside Conan Gray.

This track is a product of Republic Records, whom Conan Gray has been running with since 2018.

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