“XanaX Damage” by Future

The intricacies of Future’s “Xanax Damage” are a bit-challenging to decipher. But the general theme is more apparent. It would seem that Future is addressing a female friend, as in a romantic partner. And the subject of the discourse is his drug addiction, particularly to Xanax.  In that regard, the message he appears to be relaying is a sentiment tantamount to him only desiring to have her around when he is high. And apparently the reason for this is that when the effects of the drugs wear off, he is so “down and depressed” that he needs a trusted confidant to “confess to”.

Fans of Future may notice that the tone of this song deviates from his traditional advocacy of drug use.  This is due to the fact that the rapper recently had an awakening after being made privy to the effects such lyrics of his have had on the younger generation. So it is possible that such remorseful, emo-ridden tracks from the artist may become the norm for the foreseeable future.

Lyrics of XanaX Damage

Facts about “XanaX Damage”

  • Future first teased the release of this track via Instagram on 3 June 2019.
  • Epic Records and Freebandz officially released it on 7 June 2019 as part of Future’s EP, “Save Me”.
  • Future had help in writing the song in the form of Bobby Raps, Kyle Nelson and Will Yanez, the same trio who also produced the track.
  • In terms of Future coming to the realization of the effect his lyrics have on young people, it was fellow rap superstar Juice WRLD specifically who enlightened him in that regard. WRLD relayed to Future that he began drinking lean (a dangerously-intoxicating beverage made with cough syrup) at a young age after being inspired by his songs.

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