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Justin Bieber’s “Ghost” Lyrics Meaning

The simplest way of describing Justin Bieber’s “Ghost” is as it being about the singer missing someone he loves. The lyrics are very powerful, in that they can easily give the impression that he is...

Wasted Times by The Weeknd

“Wasted Times” by The Weeknd

On “Wasted Times”, the singer (The Weeknd) is addressing his ex-girlfriend. Yes, they had a tumultuous relationship. But even now after going their separate ways, he can’t get over her. Thus the title points to his conclusion...

Ice Cream

“Ice Cream” by BLACKPINK & Selena Gomez

As the title of this song implies (“Ice Cream”), its shtick is based on the singers making numerous metaphorical references to ice cream. So we can have Blackpink’s Jennie for instance stating that she “keeps...