“Calm Down” by Rema

The lyrics of “Calm Down” will not be the easiest to follow for listeners who are not adept in pidgin English as well as Nigerian slang. But what is ascertainable nonetheless is that “Calm Down” is a love song in which the vocalist seemingly ends up getting his woman. And apparently the reason he is giving her the titular instruction is because at first this individual, i.e. the addressee, is not entertaining Rema’s advances – or something like that. 

Indeed upon their initial interaction, he is able to perceive that “she [is] feeling insecure” due to the fact that, as colloquially relayed, her friends are picking on her. So maybe what Rema is trying to get at is, well, it’s obvious that he’s strongly attracted to her. And perhaps the addressee is so appealing that her jealous homeys proceed to try to bring her down.

For instance, Fanta is a popular soft drink in West Africa, which the vocalist is comparing the addressee’s ‘sweetness’ to. And when he says “you no dey form yanga”, what that apparently means is that despite being strikingly beautiful, she’s not the conceited or haughty type. Or put otherwise, the addressee is hot yet humble. And yes, those types may find themselves the victims of envy-inspired ridicule.

In any event, by the looks of things she and Rema do hook up. And it would appear that the vocalist also has his security issues, as in being afraid that she may “leave” him. As such, he proceeds to more or less implore the addressee not to do him dirty, as he’s had his heart broken many times in the past and is not privy to enduring such emotional anguish again.


We can conclude by saying something like this song serves the purpose of the vocalist setting the parameters of this new relationship he’s embarking on. In other words, Rema’s goal is to make the addressee realize that he truly loves her, and therefore, she should be fully comfortable to reciprocate such emotions.

Lyrics of Rema's "Calm Down"

Who is Rema?

Rema is an award-winning hip-hop oriented artist from Nigeria. He was 21 years old when “Calm Down” was officially dropped. “Calm Down” is from his debut LP, “Rave & Roses”. 

That being said, Rema has released a handful of EPs and quite a few singles before that. He has also earned some notable accolades, including being nominated for an MTV Europe Music Award in 2020.

So accordingly “Rave & Roses”, which was put out by Nigerian labels Mavin Records and Jonzing World, features the likes of American artists Chris Brown and 6lack. 

When was “Calm Down” released?

It came out officially on the 11th of February 2022.

Also, as of this writing, there is a remix to “Calm Down” in the works. It has been  reported that Selena Gomez will be the featured vocalist on the remix.

Who wrote “Calm Down”?

Rema wrote this song himself, with its producers being a couple of artists named London and Andrevibez.

Calm Down

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