“Selfish Love” by DJ Snake & Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez is the only vocalist on “Selfish Love”. And what she is singing about is her relationship with the addressee, i.e. her significant other. For the most part it appears that they love each other alright. However, they have the tendency to play shall we say naughty love games with each other. 

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For instance, when the singer sees her partner talking “to another girl” in a romantic sort of way, she actually gets turned on by it.  And this is despite the fact that she is apparently convinced that he does so in the name of “making (her) jealous”.

Counterwise, dudes are quite fond of giving her the eye also. And when they do, she knows that her partner experiences similar feelings, i.e. jealousy. But on top of enjoying the sensation of making him feel so, she is also convinced that said jealousy makes him likewise desire her more. 

Indeed as noted earlier, even in her own words this is all akin to a “game” which the two of them have going on between each other on the down low.

But the reason they are able to make each other perpetually jealous without the relationship falling apart isn’t only because they derive some weird sort of thrill from doing so. Rather their love is built on a strong foundation.

Or as the singer puts it, they both know that they “got trust” between each other. So the implication is that regardless of how much the male may talk to other ladies or how much the female may perhaps enjoy other guys looking at her, they both understand that such is as far as things will go. And based on this understanding they are able to play these love games with each other without one party or the other overreacting.


And overall, this is a romantic state which the singer is celebrating. In other words, the title seemingly alludes to the idea that, even after being together for some time, the vocalist is happy that she and her sweetheart still love each other to the point of getting jealous whenever an outside party comes too close.

Lyrics of "Selfish Love"

Release Date of “Selfish Love”

This track was brought out by Interscope Records and DJ Snake Productions on 4 March 2021. It was actually first teased by both artists on 24 February. 

Selfish Love

At the time of the release of this track, Selena Gomez and 28 years old, and DJ Snake is 34.

Music Video

On the same day (4th of March) the song’s music video was made public on YouTube. And by 7 March it had exceeded 5 million views.

Rodrigo Saavedra directed said music video. Selena Gomez also employed Orlando Pita to work on her hair and Hung Vanngo on her makeup. Kate Young also worked on her clothing to give the clip sort of an old-school feel. Gomez is featured on the video as a hairstylist herself. And DJ Snake also makes an appearance, though it is only a cameo.


“Selfish Love” is the third single from a 2021 seven-track EP by Selena Gomez entitled “Revelación”. As its name implies, said project is primarily in Spanish and is in fact the first Spanish EP which Gomez, who is partially of Mexican descent, has come out with.

Creation of “Selfish Love”

“Selfish Love” was of course produced by DJ Snake, who accomplished the task alongside another European musician (this time from Portugal) named Maro. Both artists also co-wrote the song, doing so with Selena and the below mentioned songwriters:

  • Kris Floyd
  • Karen Sotomayor
  • Kat Dahlia

Selena Gomez and DJ Snake

Selena Gomez (USA) and DJ Snake (France) are both artists who are on top of their game as of the release of this track. As of early-2021 Gomez has sold over 30 million records (singles and albums), and Snake is probably the top EDM DJ in the world. 

And the two have collaborated before, on a 2018 track called “Taki Taki“. Said tune, which is bilingual in nature (like “Selfish Love”, consisting of both Spanish and English lyrics) was a monumental hit. For instance, it was certified quadruple-platinum in December of 2020 and has won more awards than can be mentioned here. In fact it was the success of that song which inspired the pair to hookup once again on another track.

DJ Snake went for a cross-genre sound on this track, wanting to mix together “afro beats, Latin music” and other vibes into a product that “felt grounded and organic”. 

As with many other popular musicians of the day, the mood he wants to create has been influenced by the coronavirus pandemic, or as he put it “with the world being separated… (he) kept… working only on pure good vibes”. And his goal in reuniting with Selena Gomez was “to give the world another round [following Taki Taki] with fresh summer vibes”.

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