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Love Like This

“Love Like This” by ZAYN

The lyrics to ZAYN’s “Love Like This” depict what we would call a deeply passionate and committed love story. In the verses, ZAYN expresses a deep affection and admiration for his partner’s personality and...

Double Fantasy

“Double Fantasy” by The Weeknd (ft. Future)

The Weeknd has recently decided to become a full-fledged actor, co-creating and co-starring in a hotly-anticipated HBO series which has been dubbed The Idol. Of course being that he is concurrently an established A list musician,...

Born Again

“Born Again” by Rihanna

It wouldn’t necessarily be a spoiler alert to let it be known that Black Panther: Wakanda Forever commences with the death of the titular hero. That plotline wasn’t the original plan. However, it became a necessity when...