“Love Like This” by ZAYN

The lyrics to ZAYN’s “Love Like This” depict what we would call a deeply passionate and committed love story.

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In the verses, ZAYN expresses a deep affection and admiration for his partner’s personality and appearance. Phrases like “when you show that you got my back” and “your direction is on my mind” suggest to me a deep trust and preoccupation with the loved one.

The pre-chorus and chorus reveal the extent of the singer’s devotion. The line “I would rather be dead if it’s gonna mean a life that’s lived without you, baby” suggests to me an intensity of feeling so strong that the thought of living without his lover seems unbearable to ZAYN.

The repeated phrase “I cannot go back” likely implies that the singer’s life has been profoundly changed by this love and there’s no returning to a time before it.

The mention of “dump my chips” and “take that risk” would suggest a readiness to go all-in and gamble everything on this relationship. The phrase “you are the crown” could be interpreted as the singer viewing their loved one as the pinnacle or most valuable aspect of their life.

All in all, the overall theme of “Love Like This” is an all-consuming love that makes ZAYN eager to risk everything and unable to envision a life without their loved one. This strong sentiment is what the singer refers to as “love like this.”

“I guess that’s love like this
Usually, I never wanna jump like this
But I think I wanna dump my chips ’cause
I cannot go back
I guess that’s faith like this
Give you everything and you can skate like this
But I think I gotta take that risk ’cause
I cannot go back”

When was “Love Like This” released?

ZAYN released this via Universal Music Group and Mercury Records as a standalone single. It is relevant that we state that is his first new material since 2021.


In all there is a total of 5 songwriters credited with the composition of this song, including ZAYN. The other writers are:

  • Jon Bellion
  • Michael Pollack
  • Stefan Johnson & Jordan K. Johnson (also known as The Monsters & Strangerz)

The production credits go to The Monsters & Strangerz and Bellion.

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