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Whip My Hair

“Whip My Hair” by Willow

Willow’s “Whip My Hair” is a dance song. And as such tracks tend to entail, one of its main purposes is indeed to inspire partygoers to get loose. Indeed this is one of those kinds of...


“Lipstick” by WILLOW

Those associated with Willow’s artistry know that she can be eccentric. And the lyrics of “Lipstick” can definitely be classified into such a category. Or as we would more normally say in this blog, they are heavily...

"Willow" by Taylor Swift

“Willow” by Taylor Swift

Whereas “Willow” reads more or less like your conventional love song in sentiment, it does not do so in presentation. In other words, it is in fact centered on Taylor Swift pledging her commitment to ‘her man’. But...