“Memories” by YUNGBLUD & WILLOW

Yungblud is a singer who ascended from a rugged childhood. By contrast, Willow was born with a silver spoon in her mouth, albeit to A list celebrity parents.  And due to the fact that she, as Yungblud put it, grew up “in the f–king spotlight”, he knows that, in a different kinda way, things were “not easy for her” neither.

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The reason that this should be pointed out is because, as further explained by Yungblud, the “memories” which serve as the basis of this piece are traumatic ones. And the purpose of the song is not only to allow the vocalists but also to encourage listeners to renounce such painful thoughts.

But of course, forgetting the past is a lot easier said than done. And that is actually the thesis sentiment of this track. Simply put, the singers are ‘wishing they could let go of all the memories’ yet still have said thoughts ‘stuck in their brains’.

What they are putting forth, as far as verses go, can be read in sort of a romantic context. But more generally put, it is inferred that the person who traumatized the vocalist(s) is a loved one. And it’s interesting that in the second verse Willow actually acknowledges, in a roundabout way, that wiping her memory of painful experiences at the hands of this person is in fact impossible. But still, the thesis sentiment revolves around a desire to be permanently done away with them nonetheless.

Lyrics to YUNGBLUD & WILLOW's "Memories"

Yungblud talks about the meaning of “Memories”

In an interview, Yungblud referred to the lyrics of “Memories” as being about “letting go of past traumas” that you encountered in the past. He further went on to talk about how “freeing” it is to turn painful memories from the past into lessons for the future.

Release of “Memories”

Yungblud, a punkish singer from the UK and Willow Smith, daughter of Will and Jada, are co-headliners on this track.

“Memories”, which officially hit the airwaves on 6 May 2022, is Willow and Yungblud’s first collaboration, though it has been noted that Smith appeared on her co-vocalist’s podcast in 2021. It was reportedly during that time that the two of them hinted they may drop a track together. In fact the vocalists have expressed mutual appreciation for each other’s artistry.

Apparently this track was put out by Interscope Records, who have also backed Yungblud’s two previous studio albums, “21st Century Liability” (2018) and “Weird!” (2020).


Industry mainstay Colin Tilley directed the music video to “Memories”.

Yungblud served as both a writer and producer of this track, and so did Dylan Brady and Chris Greatti. 

And those who composed the song solely in a writing capacity are Zakk Cervini, Brasko, Omer Fedi and Willow.



Between January 2022 and May 2022, WILLOW released at least 5 collaborative singles with five different artists. “Memories” is one of these collaborations. Other notable mentions include:

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