“Lipstick” by WILLOW

Those associated with Willow’s artistry know that she can be eccentric. And the lyrics of “Lipstick” can definitely be classified into such a category. Or as we would more normally say in this blog, they are heavily symbolic/metaphorical.

But the world of rock music is such that sometimes the most-complicated songs lyrically actually convey the simplest ideas, if only one can wade through the potentially-intimidating wording. And we would argue that such is the case more or less the case with “Lipstick”. 

And no, this song is not about girlie makeup or anything like that. Rather what we are dealing with, most simply put, is the vocalist’s confronting her own mental issues. She feels alienated, depressed and lost. And delving even deeper, she understands this is the result of her own thought processes. That is not to say that she possesses a self-defeatist attitude. Rather it’s more like the vocalist cannot live up to the socialized ideologies that have been implanted in her mind.

And yes, we know that the above explanation may not be as simple as previously advertised. But tracks such as these also tend to afford a considerable degree of interpretative leeway. Yet at the end day we know that at the foundation of it all are the vocalist’s own self-esteem issues, for lack of a more comprehensive term. However, she does conclude on a positive note, putting forth a resolve to “spread (her) wings” in defiance of the enemy that lies within.

Lyrics to "Lipstick" by WILLOW

Willow Smith

Willow’s full name is actually Willow Smith, as she is the daughter of permanent Hollywood top dog Will Smith and his celebrity wife, Jada Pinkett-Smith. Being born in the year 2000, Willow had her first hit only 10 years later with the release of “Whip My Hair” (2010), which was her debut single. 

In the immediate years afterwards she relaxed a bit on the musical tip but then really began endeavoring in the game during the late 2010s, releasing three albums between 2015 and 2019. And the last of those efforts, the self-titled Willow, proved to be her most-successful yet.

The success of “Whip My Hair” brought Willow Smith a lot of musical attention around a decade ago. However, in more recent times, she is perhaps better known for her filmography and cultural icon status. 

In terms of the former she has most notably been co-hosting a well-known talk show alongside her mom, beginning in 2018, entitled Red Table Talk



So as it stands on 25 June 2021, the release date of “Lipstick”, the track appears to be the lead or second single from Willow’s fourth studio album. That project is entitled “Lately I Feel Everything”. And in terms of the first single that may be associated with it, that would be Willow’s earlier 2021 track “Transparent Soul“. The said song features Travis Barker.

The multi-faceted Willow exclusively wrote and produced this “Lipstick”. And apparently, it was also she who put together the official visual associated with the tune.

As of the release of this track, the young lady is just 20 years old.

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