Taylor Swift’s “Epiphany” Lyrics Meaning

Given that Taylor composed “Epiphany” during the COVID-19 pandemic, she sheds light on the sacrifices made by health workers to keep people safe.

The singer likens health workers to soldiers, placing priority on how these professionals risk their lives to serve the masses. She begins by reflecting on her own grandfather and other soldiers who fight wars and suffer from PTSD as a result.

The chorus gives a vivid picture of how similar these professions are. Soldiers serve their country, and sometimes die in war or have to watch their colleagues take their final breath. In the same way, health care personnel in the wake of the pandemic had to diligently serve the people, with some getting infected in the process and having to see people die from respiratory failures.

She further outlines the fact that both soldiers and health workers end up sacrificing their sleep to keep the population safe. As a result, their only place of solace is their short naps in which they can finally dream and hope for the best in the midst of crisis.

Taylor Swift has explained that the song was inspired by her grandfather’s military experience.

Who are the writers of “Epiphany”?

Taylor Swift along with Aaron Dessner composed “Epiphany”. Dessner also acted as the song’s exclusive producer.

When was this song released?

It came out alongside its album “Folklore” in July of 2020.

Was “Epiphany” a single?

No. Taylor’s “Folklore” project was supported by 3 official singles (none of which was “Epiphany”). The following are the official singles that supported her commercially successful “Folklore” album:

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