“Tell Me I’m Alive” by All Time Low

The vocalist of “Tell Me I’m Alive” is the kind of person who comes off as he needs to be engaged in reckless behavior in order to truly feel alive. In other words, he finds life most fulfilling when he’s engaged in acts such as boozing, getting into fights or getting down with what reads like questionable romantic partners. 

Along a similar vein, he’s not the type who’s inclined to spend money responsibly. Instead Alex ventures out on the weekend – along with his “cheap friends” – and proceeds to spend dough freely in the name of fulfilling the aforenoted types of causes.

Usually when we come across a song where the vocalist proceeds to depict his life as “a trainwreck” or himself as being “drowning” and “sinking”, the thesis sentiment would not be a celebratory one.  But in this case, the opposite is true. Gaskarth is able to see that living wild and free as he sees fit, as dangerous as that may be, also has its rewards.  The related activities may well be “cheap thrills”, as the vocalist himself terms them, but he finds them truly edifying nonetheless.

So conclusively, this outing revolves around a narrator who knows and accepts himself as is. That is to say the vocalist is well aware that he prefers a somewhat-seedy, unsettling lifestyle and furthermore is not afraid to pursue that ambition.

Lyrics to "Tell Me I'm Alive"

All Time Low

All Time Low is a group of rockers from Towson, a locality found in Maryland. They have formally been together since 2003, dating back to the days when the members were still in high school. The crew’s ninth studio album is titled “Tell Me I’m Alive”. And this song, its title track and lead single, was released via Fueled by Ramen a couple of months prior, on January 13th.

Credits “Tell Me I’m Alive”

The membership of All Time Low has been consistent for the last 20 years, consisting of the following:

  • frontman Alex Gaskarth
  • lead guitarist Jack Barakat
  • bassist Zack Merrick
  • drummer Rian Dawson

It is Gaskarth and Barakat who co-wrote this track with one of its co-producers, Andrew Goldstein.  And the other producer of the song is Zakk Cervini.

Tell Me I'm Alive

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