“Memory” by Kane Brown and Blackbear

On “Memory”, the vocalist(s) depicts themselves as individuals who are dealing with a serious bout of depression. Or at least that’s how the case seems to be presented in the first verse. But more to the point is this idea of the narrator being out of control, so to speak. 

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He is the type who regularly partakes of the ‘fast life’, with an inability to terminate this modus operandi even though he is able to perceive that it is leading to his own expeditious destruction. That is what the singer means by he doesn’t ‘want to be a memory’.

And what we were trying to get at earlier is this:

As presented in the song, this addiction to ‘getting high’, etc. reads as if it is some sort of coping mechanism. 

So this definitely isn’t a celebration of ‘living life fast’. Rather it is depicting such a lifestyle as being unfulfilling, especially when one is using it as a crutch to compensate for whatever type of anxiety the vocalist is dealing with.

"Memory" Lyrics

Is this Blackbear’s first Collaboration with Kane Brown?

Yes. This is the first collaboration between Blackbear and Kane Brown. The former is more of a pop artist while the latter specializes in country music. And whereas Blackbear does have a handful of major hits under his belt, such as 2019’s “Hot Girl Bummer“, all this considered Kane Brown has been the more successful to date. 

That is to say that on top of having released a number of singles that have gone multi-platinum, Kane is also the recipient of quite a few high-powered industry awards. For instance, he won three AMAs (Favorite Country AlbumFavorite Country Male Artist in Favorite Country Song) in 2018 alone. 

Also to note he has been the most comprehensively successful country musician of African-American descent thus far in the 21st century and probably in the history of the genre in general.


Quick Facts about “Memory”

This track, which Blackbear and Kane Brown co-wrote, was officially released on 9 July 2021.

The multi-talented Blackbear also co-produced “Memory”. Andrew Goldstein, a name we’ve been coming across a lot as of late, also served as a co-writer and co-producer of this track. And the other co-writers are Joe Kirkland and Ernest Smith.

“Memory” went on to appear on the top half of the Billboard Hot 100 as well as breaking the top 10 of Billboard’s Hot Country Songs chart.

Kane Brown discusses "Memory"

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