“Never Mind, Let’s Break Up” by LANY

LANY’s “Never Mind, Let’s Break Up” is based on a romance which, in hindsight, we can perhaps say never should have transpired. And that’s because the vocalist hooked up with a lady who possessed two pressing characteristics which were ultimately detrimental to their relationship.

First, she is unappreciative. That is to say that, as illustrated in the first verse, the addressee, being the vocalist’s girlfriend, is the direct beneficiary of his wealth and celebrity, being afforded opportunities that most women simply don’t have. But her reaction to this reality is one of boredom.

Then as also implied in the chorus, she is emotionally-abusive/confrontational. So for instance, as illustrated in the second verse, during one of her moods the vocalist may find himself having to sleep on the couch as opposed to the bed, as in having to go out of his way to avoid her, even though all of this is actually transpiring in his own home. 

And this is despite the fact that he has already modified his behavior patterns in the name of pleasing the addressee.  Or stated more simply, he’s obviously the submissive one in this relationship.

But as he views it, this willingness to sacrifice is too one-sided. So he’s not inclined to keep forgiving the addressee, if you will, as he’s been doing thus far. Rather his final disposition is like the romance was good while it lasted. 

However, by this point, he would rather terminate then perpetuate it. And we don’t really know how the addressee reacts to this announcement, though the implication, in the least, is that she’s caught off-guard. But either way, it would appear that the vocalist’s decision to “break up” is final.

"Never Mind, Let's Break Up" Lyrics

Release of “Never Mind, Let’s Break Up”

“Never Mind, Let’s Break Up” was introduced to the world on 18 August 2021 as the fourth single from LANY’s fourth full-length gg bb xx. The entire project is a product of Interscope Records. 

And to note, with its own slated release date of 3 September, gg bb xx is being released less than a year after LANY’s last studio album, Mama’s Boy, which came out during October of 2020.


LANY is a musical trio consisting of the musicians below:

  • Paul Jason Klein (primary vocalist)
  • Jake Clifford Goss (primary drummer)
  • Charles Leslie Priest (primary keyboardist)  

As we tend to point out every time when writing about them, the band’s name is a composite of the acronyms for Los Angeles (LA) and New York (NY). However, the frontman comes from Oklahoma and the instrumentalists, Tennessee. 

And although LANY’s base of operations is in fact in Los Angeles, they actually chose this moniker because they wanted a name that was “a four-letter word [for] design and aesthetic purposes”.

LANY has built up a strong following, despite their chart success up until this point being somewhat limited. But to note, their biggest hit to date was a 2019 collaboration with Lauv entitled Mean It.

Never Mind, Let's Break Up

Credits for “Never Mind, Let’s Break Up”

This song was co-written and co-produced by Andrew Goldstein. In the former regard, Paul Klein is also acknowledged as a writer. And in the latter, the entire LANY crew is recognized, as a whole, as co-producer.

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