“The Hindu Times” by Oasis

According to reports, Noel Gallagher decided to name this song so after coming across it on a T-shirt. Also some readers will recognize the title as being the shortened form of a popular newspaper known as the Hindustan Times.

But that said, the lyrics apparently aren’t really meant to be about anything. And that is sorta true, based on Noel Gallagher’s explanation. Or as he put it, the band had laid down the instrumental first. And some people, such as the Black Crowes apparently, were really feeling it and accordingly encouraging Noel, i.e. the main songwriter of Oasis, to write some lyrics to it. 

And being that he was more or less being forced into doing so, Gallagher didn’t put much thought into the effort but instead just opted to compose a son that was as optimistic as possible.  

Optimism and Spirituality

So putting all of that together, what we come up with is a piece that lyrically may not be as profound as some listeners think but still has an intended meaning nonetheless.

And perhaps, all lyrics considered, it can be said that optimism is the thesis sentiment of this piece. However, truth be told , as implied above, it is a bit incoherent. Or more reasonably, we can put forth that optimism is one of two thesis sentiments, with the other being a bit more spiritually focused. 

Or more succinctly, maybe we can even say that this is Oasis’s version of a spiritual song. For example, in the second verse they are acknowledging the grace of a higher power, in a manner of speaking. 

And in the chorus, Liam even namedrops “God”. But he is doing so within the context of requesting the Most High to edify his own rock and roll career. And according to Noel’s above explanation, he was apparently compelled to steer the lyrics in this direction due to the word “Hindu”, a term commonly associated with religion, being present in the title.

So conclusively, we’ll just go with the flow on this one and say that, as deemed by fans, “The Hindu Times” is a top-notch Oasis song. That is to say that listeners have expressed an appreciation for it more so due to its sound than its message.

Lyrics of "The Hindu Times" by Oasis

When was “The Hindu Times” released?

“The Hindu Times” is the opening track on the playlist, as well as the lead single from Oasis’s album “Heathen Chemistry”. This track came out on 15 April 2002. And “Heathen Chemistry” was the fifth of eight studio albums Oasis would put out between 1994 and 2008.

The Legendary Oasis

Oasis is considered a legendary British rock band even though, as compared to others who tend to fall into that category, their existence was short-lived. For instance, there has been eight official members of Oasis throughout the group’s nearly 20 years of existence, and every single one of them has their own Wikipedia page. 

However, they couldn’t keep it together, primarily it would seem due to the well-documented beef between the group’s two main members, Noel and his younger brother, Liam. Actually the latter was part of the band first, back when they were rather referred to as Rain. Either way, even though their discontent led to Oasis dissolving almost 15 years ago to date, the two of them are still going at it to this day.

“The Hindu Times”

Speaking of legendary British bands, Oasis filmed the song’s music video at Abbey Road Studios. This is the same iconic studio that The Beatles frequented. And interesting to note is that the original plan was to actually film the clip in the city of New Delhi. New Delhi is the capital of India.

As noted earlier, Noel Gallagher is credited with writing this song. And it was produced by the entire Oasis crew. 

And besides Noel, the band’s guitarist, at the time the group also consisted of the following:

  • Liam Gallagher
  • Andy Bell
  • Gem Archer
  • Alan White

“The Hindu Times” topped the UK Singles Chart and also reached number one in a few other countries, including Canada. It was indeed a big hit, charting in over 20 nations overall and achieving silver certification in the United Kingdom.

The Hindu Times

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