The Killers’ “Lightning Fields” Lyrics Meaning

All things considered, the titular reads like a metaphor for a reality akin to a dream-like state, i.e. the spirit world. We know this because Brandon Flowers has revealed that this track is actually about his parents. More specifically he is portraying the role of his dad while his collaborator, K.D. Lang, represents his late mother.

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So with that understanding, we know that the “lightning field of love” is actually symbolic, from Brandon’s perspective, of their undying union. But that being established, the entire interaction is fantastical considering that, once again, the female vocalist is actually representing someone who has passed away.

“Lightning Fields” Facts

Jonathan Rad and Shawn Everett produced this track. And they also co-wrote it with Flowers and Vannucci Jr., both of whom are members of The Killers.

This song can be found on the band’s sixth “Imploding the Mirage” studio album. Both the track and the album came out via Island Records on 21st of August 2020.

Of course it is a bit weird for a singer to portray someone who is deceased. But the way Flowers got around this concerning K.D. Lang is that while recording the tune he never actually told her that such was the case.

Did The Killers release this as a single?

“Lightning Fields” wasn’t released as a single. “Imploding the Mirage” had the support of only the following singles:

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  1. Anonymous says:

    In an interview Brandon mentioned that this song was inspired by a dream his dad had of his mom after her death. She was in a field, dressed in white, and he wanted to run to be with her.

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