“The Most” by Miley Cyrus

This title alludes to the fact that, as Miley Cyrus points out throughout the song, the person she is addressing loves her “the most”. This would imply that this individual cares for her more than anyone else. But this is not a love song in the sense of her flat-out praising him for the affection he displays.  Rather it has her questioning, all things considered, why he is so loyal to her.

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At this point, it should be pointed out that the singer never specifies exactly what type of relationship she is in with this person or even this individual’s gender. So this song has a general applicability in that it can be directed towards a friend, family member or lover. However, by and large it reads as if she is speaking to a romantic interest. And that is how her fandom has interpreted it and the premise which for the most part this analysis is based on.

Miley acknowledges that she does not always treat this person well. For instance, at times she “run(s) away”, as in deserts him. But his loyalty is unwavering. Indeed even when she sinks into the deepest depths of depression, she can count on his love to see her through. In fact even when she sets out to “hurt” him, in a roundabout way, she may actually be doing so in response to his undying love, as in perhaps concluding she is not worthy of such or not understanding how to deal with someone who feels this way about her.


All of these sentiments culminate in her understanding that she is not the ideal lover, as in she is wishy-washy towards her partner. So the track concludes along the same lines it began, with her wondering why he has not lost faith in her or their relationship. But overall, despite her confusion, this song can be interpreted as the singer expressing appreciation – just as much as amazement – for having such a devoted partner.

The lyrics of "The Most"

Is “The Most” really about Liam Hemsworth?

Of course it has been speculated that this song is about Miley Cyrus’ husband, Liam Hemsworth. But the sentiment expressed is believed to have come from a time before they were married, when the home they shared in Malibu was destroyed by a fire.

This theory that this song is about Liam can be further supported by the fact that on 30 May 2019, a day before the official release of “The Most”, Miley Cyrus used the titular expression in a tweet when referring to her husband. 

Writing Credits and Release Date

Miley Cyrus co-wrote “The Most” along with the following songwriters:

  • Jonny Price
  •  Stefan Johnson
  • Marc Lo
  • Ilsey Juber
  • Maxime Picard
  • Mark Ronson
  • BJ Burton

FYI, co-writers Ronson and Burton produced “The Most”

This song is featured on Miley Cyrus’ 2019 EP She Is Coming. This EP, which came out on 31 May 2019, contains the following songs in addition to “The Most”:

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