“Through The Mists Of Time” by AC/DC

“Through the Mists of Time” is another song on AC/DC’s Power Up album which alludes to the fact that they are now a senior band. Fundamentally, “through the mists of time” reads like a prepositional statement that points the idea of time transpiring. And the singer is aware of such by comparing the present to old photographs. And he beholds people, once beautiful, who have since been dealt with unfavorably by the passage of time or have even passed away. However, some have endured. 

And conclusively this track can be deemed as nostalgic in nature, though not entirely so.  Or rather let’s say that the singer is not reminiscing on the happy days of old per se.  Rather for the most part he is observing how time has the tendency to break some people.

Long-time AC/DC members Angus Young and his late brother, Malcolm Young, are the writers of “Through the Mist of Time”. And Angus went on to state that a certain part of the song reminds him of Malcolm.

An American musician, Brendan O’Brien, produced “Through the Mists of Time”.

The track was officially released on the 13th of November 2020 as part of an AC/DC album which is creatively entitled Power Up. And the band was supported on this project by Sony Entertainment as well as another label called Leidseplein Presse.

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