“Witch’s Spell” by AC/DC

On the surface it would appear that AC/DC’s “Witch’s Spell” is literally about the singer visiting a witch, i.e. a soothsayer. And whereas he comes off as someone who is addicted to having his fortune read, at the same time he seems to be warning others against falling into such a lifestyle. That is to say that he being “caught in a witch’s spell” is metaphorically indicative of a reliance he has developed on said individual. And the way he apparently depicts the scenario is as one which is not only costing him in terms of his mental wellbeing but also, according to the second verse at least, monetarily.

“Witch’s Spell” is featured on Power Up, AC/DC’s 2020 project. The tracks on the album are co-written by the late Malcolm Young alongside his little brother, Angus Young. And they are produced by Brendan O’Brien.

The label behind this particular track is Ledseplein Presse.

Was “Witch’s Spell” a single release?

No. AC/DC released only two singles to market Power Up. Below are said singles:

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