“Tiger Inside” by SuperM

‘Tiger Inside’ is a song about unleashing your inner tiger and being yourself in a world of impositions. It urges people to break out of their constraints and be wild. Individual freedom lies at the heart of the song. The heart-pounding music stimulates the senses and serves as a motivating factor. SuperM are determined to be their own thing in the K-Pop industry and they will not stop for anything else in this world. This serves as a rallying cry for many people in their lives. We all experience situations whereby we feel pressured to conform to expectations.

‘Tiger Inside’ goes against the grain and encourages people to let loose completely. Fans and casual listeners will appreciate this wonderful addition to SuperM’s collection of songs.

‘Tiger Inside’ was released by K-Pop boyband SuperM on September 1, 2020. It is their second digital single and 2nd pre-release track of their first studio album Super One.  

The Super One album actually produced four singles in addition to this track. The others are as follows:

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