“Titanic” by Juice WRLD

This title of this track “Titanic”) is a reference to the infamous ship of the same name, which suffered a historical wreck back in 1912. More to the point, Juice WRLD is comparing his own life to a shipwreck. And even more specifically he depicts himself as someone who is good at heart but caught up in a detrimental lifestyle. In other words, despite having good intentions, he finds himself trapped in a cycle of questionable behaviors. And once again going back to the title of the song, he is able to perceive that at the end of the day, the tale of his life is not likely to conclude favorably.

Quick Facts

The producers of “Titanic”, Rex Kudo and DY Krazy, are also acknowledged as co-writers of the song, as is Juice WRLD.

“Titanic” can be found on “Legends Never Die” (which is a posthumous album of WRLD’s). The labels behind the project of Grade A Productions and Interscope Records.  And the project was released on the 10th day of July 2020.

Despite not being released as a single from its album, “Titanic” ended up being one of the top songs on the album. Other notable songs from the album include the tracks below:

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