“Matt Hardy 999” by Trippie Redd (ft. Juice WRLD)

As readers who are fans of wrestling are bound to recognize from the onset, the titular Matt Hardy is a wrestler who made a name for himself as an employee of the WWF/WWE. And his name is only dropped once in the song, at the beginning of the sixth verse, whereas Trippie Redd uses it to point to his own formidability. 

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Indeed this track would definitely fall into the gangsta rap category, as the rappers pull no punches in getting the point across that they are dangerous dudes.

For instance, perhaps the most notable line occurs in the third verse whereas the late Juice WRLD likens himself to the murderously-racist K*K, as he and his crew also possess the tendency to  “hangs n**gas’. 

And besides references to violence, the secondary theme of the track can be deemed the vocalists’ interactions with “hoes”, i.e. the various women they have sex with. And in that regard, this may actually be the first time we’ve come across a rap song that namedrops the classic Nickelodeon show iCarly

But again, there’s nothing really sweet about what’s going on herein, as Matt Hardy 999 is filled with the type of NSFW language that only true fans of hardcore rap can really appreciate.

Also concerning that “999”, such is a number that Juice WRLD was known to be closely associated with. And since it doesn’t actually appear in the lyrics, the presumption would be that Trippie Redd included it in the title as a direct shoutout to his late homey.

Lyrics to "Matt Hardy 999"

Trippie and Juice

Trippie Redd and Juice WRLD were recognized as homeys prior to passing of the latter in December of 2019. As such they had collaborated a couple of times before Juice’s passing, as well as well twice more since his death prior to “Matt Hardy 999”, which came out on 19 August 2021 as part of Redd’s album “Trip at Knight”.

But that said, it would appear that this is a song that Trippie and Juice actually put together while Juice was still alive. Also to note, the latter is not credited as a writer. Instead the authors of “Matt Hardy 999” are Trippie Redd and Star Boy.

Who is Star Boy?

Star Boy, a musician of Dutch origins, also served as one of the producers of this track. And he accomplished said task alongside the following:

  • Aaron Shadrow
  • Jasper Harris
  • Rip
  • Norwegian producer Cashmere Cat

The above accomplished this task with another artist from the Netherlands who goes by the name Outtatown who, like Star Boy, receives a shoutout in the intro.

Matt Hardy 999

More Interesting Facts

This song was put out by 1400 Entertainment, a company that Trippie Redd seemingly founded, buttressed by another label that it is closely associated with, 10K Projects (aka TenThousand Projects).

To note the aforementioned iCarly, which originally ran from 2007 to 2012 did prove popular enough to earn a second series, of the same name and based on the same characters, nearly a decade later. And the second installment of the series premiered just a couple of months before the release of this track.

This song actually leaked in January of 2020, about a month after Juice WRLD’s untimely death at the age of 21. And interesting to point out is that at that time Matt Hardy himself acknowledged such, i.e. expressed appreciation for ‘Juice WRLD naming of his final raps after him’.

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