“Burn” by Juice WRLD

Juice WRLD was what is known as an emo hip-hop vocalist. That basically means, especially in the case of his artistry in particular, that Juice may at times present himself as a successful rapper in a traditional sense, i.e. a person whom money, women, drug consumption and street violence play a prominent role in his life, and he’s always on top of things.

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But the emo side of the equation also added a level of realism to his lyrics. In other words, despite being rich, famous and free, WRLD wasn’t the type to present his life as being all gravy. Instead he understood for instance that “money ain’t the answer” to life’s problems and that being hooked on drugs is actually a bad thing.


And it is that latter sentiment upon which this song most notably revolves. That title alludes to the metaphorical concept of the vocalist being trapped “in the fire”. Or the way he sees it, he has been born into a cursed situation. 

In that regard, it is not clear what Juice means from a personal standpoint or if the world around him is damned in general. But all things considered he is likely implying both, i.e. not only was he birthed into depressing circumstance but also into the type of environment where he does, as a remedy, have easy access to illicit drugs that may provide momentary relief but are ultimately destructive.

And basically, all of that is a fancy way of saying that Juice used the occasion of “Burn” to confirm that he was in fact an addict. Being a young, physically healthy, successful artist, he may not have been the type of person that you could tell was dealing with such an issue just by looking at him. But in this case he does publicly acknowledge a personal fear that he might end up ODing and disappointing those who love him most, which he did in fact wind up doing, though in a completely unintentional way.

Lyrics of Juice WRLD's "Burn"

Facts about “Burn”

“Burn” is actually the first track on the track listing of “Fighting Demons”. “Fighting Demons” is the title of the second posthumous album of Juice WRLD.

Both “Burn” and its album (“Fighting Demons”) were released by Interscope Records and Grade A on 10th December, 2021.

The official credits of “Burn” are as follows:

  • Juice Wrld (writer)
  • Metro Boomin (writer and producer)

Was this song a single release?

No, it wasn’t. It’s album was preceded and promoted by 2 official singles. The first was “Already Dead” (which came out in November of 2021). The second entitled “Wandered to LA” (which features Justin Bieber) came out about a week before the album.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    The official credits of “Burn” are as follows
    Juice Wrld (writer)
    Metro Boomin (writer and producer)
    Joel Fajerman (Composer)

  2. Theo lavander says:

    Sure yea

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