“You Wouldn’t Understand” by Juice WRLD

“You Wouldn’t Understand” is a Juice WRLD boastful piece. It is premised on the vocalist telling the addressee, who to some degree can be interpreted as the listening audience at large, that they “wouldn’t understand” – or more simply put don’t understand – what it is exactly that makes him tick. 

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And whereas the verses themselves may touch on such a topic, such is not the main subject of this piece per se. Or let’s say that that verses do not primarily operate along the same seemingly confrontational tone that the chorus/title does. But more comprehensively speaking, the lyrics serve as a general view into the rapper’s lifestyle.

So of course there are references to guns and glory and, with this being Juice WRLD, an allusion to the vocalist being depressed. 

But at the end of the day, what is actually the primary topic of this piece is women. That is to say that what Juice is mainly bragging about is his ability to attract women to himself. He is basically boasting of, excuse our French, having a plethora of hoes at his disposal. 

And that collective includes the girlfriends of other dudes. WRLD makes it solidly known that he can bang those who are already in committed relationships if he so chooses.


So having already studied innumerable other songs by this vocalist, we know that Juice was an artist who could get really deep and introspective when he wanted to. But “You Wouldn’t Know” isn’t one of such cases. Instead this piece displays more of the traditional Chi-town side of his artistry.

So taking all of the above into consideration, it is very much possible that the main addressee of this song would be the vocalist’s rivals or haters. Such a conclusion is not to imply that it is intended for their ears only. But Juice is exalting himself most notably within the context of possessing the wherewithal to sexually exploit “your b**ch” anytime he wants to.

Juice WRLD's "You Wouldn't Understand" Lyrics

Facts about “You Wouldn’t Understand”

Juice composed this track with a huge team of songwriters/producers, including 808 Mafia. 808 Mafia (who also produced the song) is a noted songwriting and production group. The group, which is from the United States, consists of dozens of members, including the likes of Southside TM88 MP808.

The song actually samples a 2019 YNW Melly track titled “Nobody’s Around”.

On December 10th, 2021 Juice Wrld’s posthumous project titled “Fighting Demons” was formally released. The album contains 18 tracks, one of which is “You Wouldn’t Understand”.

You Wouldn't Understand

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