“GO” by The Kid Laroi and Juice WRLD

According to the way The Kid Laroi has described the origin of the song “Go”, he perhaps came up with the hook upon which the track is based while he was like 14 years old. 

Songwriters that young tend to logically have issues with continuity. And that may explain why said chorus may not seem to fully make sense to some listeners.

Or more specifically, it’s not clear exactly who the titular “go, go, go” is being relayed to, the singer or his lady, the addressee.  Nor is it really abundantly evident how it fits into the narrative at hand. 

But this is, after all, a Juice WRLD song collaboration – the late king of emo rap if you will. Or stated differently, even if a title doesn’t particularly read well within the grand scheme of the song, still as far as Juice WRLD tracks go the lyrics contained therein tend to be pretty straightforward.

And such is in fact the case with “Go”, a song that was ultimately put together by him and his mentee, that aforementioned Laroi. 

And another reason Juice WRLD tracks tend to be so understandable is because they harp on the same general themes, romance and drugs. This is definitely also the case with this outing.

The Kid Laroi

But The Kid, being but a lad, doesn’t venture into intoxication territory. However, he is apparently experienced in the field of romance, as not only made evident by this song but also others he dropped around the same time, such as “Without You” (2020). 

Indeed his chorus features him lamenting the fact that he has “f–ked around and got attached” to a certain girl, a sentiment usually reserved for lovers a lot older than himself. 

But more to the point is that fact that this lady, the addressee, is apparently good at manipulating him. And it is such manipulation which has him concerned, or at least the fact that he is weak to it, i.e. in love with her in the first place.

Juice WRLD

Meanwhile Juice WRLD’s verse centers on him rather fighting to keep his lady. It seems that he’s been caught cheating one time too many. Owing to this, he is now tasked with convincing her that he ain’t living that life no more. 

He concludes the passage by stating his willingness to kill for her, with such a sentiment being indicative of his high level of commitment. 

And also as noted earlier we have the traditional Juice WRLD shoutouts to “perky”, aka Percocet, as well as “lean”, a highly-intoxicating, DIY beverage that has been made famous by the likes of Lil Wayne. 

But at the end of day, considering that the entire rest of the song is about romance, the drug references kinda take a backseat to love.

Pre-Chorus and Chorus

And concerning that ‘I’ll kill for you’ type of sentimentality, it is such upon which the pre-chorus is also based. Or rather as The Kid Laroi puts it, he’ll probably end up ‘dying for’ his boo. 

Both that statement and the way Juice flips it to rather killing for his shorty, as far as rap music goes, usually alludes to the concept of the vocalist’s willingness to commit crime in the name of properly taking care of his lady. 

That may be what Laroi also means in the pre-chorus when he talks about “open(ing) up the nine for” her. It should be stated that the term “nine” is a popular slang term for a particular type of firearm which has been sort of a quintessential favorite as far as hip-hop references go.

Then the chorus harps back to the main theme of the song. Juice WRLD and Laroi have beef with their sweethearts for different reasons, but beef nonetheless. 

Lyrics of "Go"

And that is the central idea being put across. It also centers on its narrator, The Kid Laroi, being conflicted, i.e. mad by his lady’s actions though at the same time afraid to be without her. 

So conclusively, the simplest way of defining this tune is as it focusing on tumultuous relationships which the singers are in.

Commercial Release of “Go”

This is the lead single from The Kid Laroi’s first official mixtape, “F–k Love” (2020). As you can probably tell by the title of that joint, the young artist has in fact been influenced by Juice WRLD (1998-2019). 

In fact they shared a close relationship, with Juice being his mentor and, according to Laroi, his brother from another mother. 

In fact WRLD’s verse on this song was actually a freestyle (which Juice referred to as “a $200,000 gift”) he dropped on The Kid’s 16th birthday.

That occurred on 17 August 2019. Meanwhile the track went on to be officially released by Columbia Records and Grade A Productions on 12 June 2020. And it had leaked prior, in April of 2020. 

But The Kid Laroi responded to said leakage creatively, by coming up with a whole new verse that was featured on the finished product. However, he made that move reluctantly, as he valued the fact that the original, i.e. leaked version of the song featured a verse that he actually laid down with Juice live.


More Facts about “Go”

The Kid Laroi’s breakthrough hit is considered to be “Without You”, a track he dropped later in 2020. However, “Go” is the song which first placed him on the international map. 

For instance, it was apparently the first of his songs to chart outside his native Australia. Moreover it’s been certified platinum in the Land Down Under, as well as Canada and the United States. 

In the latter case especially, the success of the track was probably due to one thing. And that is the fact that it was one of the first Juice WRLD songs to come out after he died of a completely-unintentional drug overdose in early December, 2019.

In fact the music video to “Go”, as put together by director Steve Cannon, is meant to serve as a tribute to Juice WRLD. The video features footage of him and The Kid in Greece, where they reportedly created this song.

Go was written by WRLD and Laroi. It was Laroi who originally conceptualized it via a hook back in the day. He accidently sent said hook to WRLD along with some other tunes he wanted him to choose from. And “Go” was in fact the one WRLD ended up choosing.

And that track’s producers, Omer Fedi, Neek and Tito Beats, are also credited as co-writers.

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