“Toxic” by BoyWithUke

The title of this song is seemingly based on the vocalist’s assertion, as found in the first verse, that ‘all his friends are toxic’. And whereas BoyWithUke does engage in a fair share of lamenting about the nature of his close associates and especially one in particular, the prevailing sentiment reads more along the lines of the narrator being depressed in general, with his relationship with these others not helping matters any.

As depicted in the first verse, the vocalist has concluded he “need(s) new friends” due to the ones he currently has being too “rude and… negative”. But in the chorus, it is revealed that in the aftermath of him making this decision that one of his buddies in particular is “crying out for help”. 

However, Uke is not compelled to entertain this person’s need since, when the situation was reversed, said individual “never showed” up for him. And yes, it is very much possible in this regard that he is referring to someone like a girlfriend, considering for instance that he addresses this person as “baby”.

In the bridge, Uke continues to do some additional bitching, pointing to the notion that his friends or perhaps the above-mentioned one in particular are stifling his development, so to speak. 

But in the second verse, Boy reveals that he’s making the best of the situation as much as he can. For instance he recognizes that “life is immaculate” and is in fact “avoiding” certain individuals. Moreover he’s consuming chocolate and “drinking up bottles and bottles of booze”. 

And those last couple of practices may well be an anti-depressant measures if you will, since throughout it all the vocalist acknowledges that he’s “thinking of” the addressee and resultantly “don’t know what to do”. 

So let’s once again put forth that as the song progresses, the one person he is singing of/to in particular sounds more and more like a romantic interest.

In the third verse, this selfsame individual is described, using very poetic language, as indeed a toxic associate, one who “took… away” the vocalist’s “pride” even. But being able to recognize this, Uke is not compelled to let this person ravage his self-esteem any further. 

But that said, from an emotional/psychological standpoint, he seems totally unable to exorcise her from his mind. And the conclusive sentiment, as illustrated in the chorus, is that even though BoyWithUke is suffering without the addressee and deep down inside wants to help now that she’s going through some type of ordeal, ultimately it’s like he’s trying to teach her some type of a lesson.

And you will notice in the last paragraph that we used female gender pronouns to refer to the addressee, even though such is not specified in the song. That is because, once again all lyrics and sentiments considered, this reads primarily like a romance-based piece. 

And using a bit of imagination the narrative, in summation, reads as so. The vocalist isn’t overly fond of his friends and the addressee in particular because they’re toxic, nonprogressive people. 

In the here and now, the addressee, who once again may well be his girlfriend, really needs BoyWithUke. But in addition to her toxicity, another reason he is not compelled to help her is because she wasn’t there for him when he needed her – sorta like he’s getting vengeance, so to speak. But at the same time, behaving in such a manner really isn’t helping his internal anxiety issues, in relation to her and in general.

Lyrics of BoyWithUke's "Toxic"

BoyWithUke and “Toxic”

BoyWithUke is an artist who made a name for himself on TikTok, blowing up really fast on the platform during the same year he premiered, in 2021

“Toxic” was released on 10 September 2021 as part of an EP entitled Faded.

As of the writing of this post not much is known about BoyWithUke due to two main factors. One is that all of his musical activity thus far has been internet-based, i.e. him being a self-released, do-it-yourself artist. And accordingly BoyWithUke is credited as the sole writer and producer of “Toxic”. Secondly, he has yet to reveal his face to the public. 

However, what one website has reported, in an article published in late November 2021, is that the singer was 19 years old at the time. Also, he is in fact widely known for utilizing a ukulele, which is an unconventional instrument in this day and age, in his music.

On top of being self-released by BoyWithUke, by the looks of things the release of “Toxic” was also buttressed by Republic Records.


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  1. Emmett.T says:

    I think it is about moving in to a different school and now being independent.

  2. lazykid says:

    Imma stick with the article.. I’ve heard this song so many times got opinions from my friends (before they knew about this site) and they agreed with this

  3. Coolmamayap says:

    Does BoyWithUke use autotune or does he stack his voice?

  4. Dax says:

    I can relate to this song even tho hes had more experience than i have had

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