“Toxic” by Melanie Martinez

Melanie Martinez sings about an addictive love affair in “Toxic”. She describes her feelings as deep and addictive. The kind of love that makes her want more and more. Despite her awareness of the danger of falling hard in love with this person, she does not see a way to escape from this love, but rather finds herself yearning for more of it.

The use of phrases such as “too high” and “losing her head”, shows how deeply drenched she has found herself in love. At the same time she gives an impression that she has found enough trouble for herself with this kind of love. This could possibly be because she is aware that this love will not last and might leave her hurt in the end. She likens her addictive emotions to the intoxicative effect alcohol has on a person, while craving for this person to reciprocate despite the danger involved.

Lyrics of "Toxic"

Facts about “Toxic”

  • Melanie Martinez chose to perform “Toxic” for her Blind Audition for the reality-talent show, “The Voice”, in 2012
  • It is actually the cover of a song Britney Spears dropped in 2004 (which went on to become one of Britney’s biggest hits).
  • Melanie’s cover proved to be quite successful, as three of the four celebrity musical judges (C.L. Green, A. Levine and B. Shelton) gave her their vote of approval. Thereafter she was allowed to participate on the show.

Who wrote this song?

Being a cover, it is obvious Melanie didn’t write this song. Who wrote it then? Was it written by Britney Spears?

No. Despite being one of her most successful songs, Britney didn’t write this classic. It was written by the following songwriters:

  • Bloodshy
  • Cathy Dennis
  • Henrik Jonback
  • Pontus Winnberg

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