“Truffle Butter” by Nicki Minaj (ft. Drake and Lil Wayne)

On the song “Truffle Butter”, Nicki Minaj, together with Drake and Lil Wayne brag about their many achievements and material possessions. “Truffle Butter” is the embodiment of luxury food eaten by famous and rich people.


Drake begins the rap verse as he talks about having so much money that he finds it difficult to create a song about a different topic other than money. He then brags about how easy it is for him to get all the pretty ladies to himself. To him, these women are getting the privilege of hooking up with a celebrity like him with all the material goodies that come with it, while he also gets his bedroom needs satisfied.

Nicki Minaj

Nicki Minaj also comes in, rapping about the fact that she’s got a million dollars and is the highest selling female rapper. She urges other women to support her, while she stresses on the fact that she does not depend on any lover for cash. And why? Because she earns a lot of money on her own- enough to afford a “big boy” which is the expensive 500 series Mercedes-Benz.

Lil Wayne

Lil Wayne continues the third verse by mentioning that even if he has no money on him, he has a million dollar smile which literally alludes to the diamonds in his mouth. He then makes reference to getting intimate with his long-rumored girlfriend, Christina Milian who contested on Dancing With The Stars. The rapper admits that though he may be short, he stands tall among his peers. Furthermore, he has the most success and is the toughest due to his upbringing.


In all, Drake, Minaj and Wayne all hammer on the same message, which is the fact that they’ve earned a reputation and are living a luxurious life.

Lyrics of "Truffle Butter"

Writers and Producers of “Truffle Butter”

Several individuals are credited for writing this song. They include Nicki Minaj, Lil Wayne, Nineteen85, Drake, and Maya Jane Coles.

Co-songwriter, Nineteen85 produced this track single-handedly.

Release Date

Minaj officially dropped “Truffle Butter” on the 23rd of January 2015. It was one of the six singles that supported her Grammy Award nominated album The Pinkprint. The other five singles from this album are:

Grammy Nomination

The song’s outstanding performance earned it several recognitions, including a nomination for Best Rap Performance at the annual Grammy Awards in 2016.


“Truffle Butter” contains samples of the 2010 song, “What They Say”, performed by UK based DJ, Maya Jane Coles. And while on the topic of samples, it should be noted that “Truffle Butter” itself has been sampled in a number of songs. For example, it is sampled in the 2015 song “Tetris” by Dutch musician and producer, Mesto.

Los Angeles based rapper, Pigeon John also incorporated samples of this single in his 2017 song, “Beautiful Day”. In 2016, hip-hop artist, Charles Hamilton released “Obligatory Finger Bang”, which includes samples of “Truffle Butter” in it.


Rap icon, Ludacris performed a short remix of the song in 2015. Other rappers who have released remix versions of the song include Ace Hood and T.I.

How “Truffle Butter” performed on the Charts

Even though successful in the U.S. (where it reached #14), the song however, failed to replicate similar success in the UK, where it ranked outside the top 100 in 2015.

On the charts in other territories like Canada, Belgium, and Australia, “Truffle Butter” managed to rank inside the top 50.

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