“Barbie Drip” by Nicki Minaj

“Barbie Drip” is a freestyle Nicki Minaj performs over the same instrumental as Lil Baby and Gunna’s 2018 hit “Drip Too Hard”. In addition to borrowing the sound and the name, the two tracks also share a similar theme. In other words, “Drip Too Hard” is primarily about the ATL artists’ wealth and exploitation of women. Likewise, in Nicki Minaj’s take on the track, the two main themes are her enviable income and the way men fall for her even though she may not share the same feelings for them, although she does delve into other topics also. Primarily, the lyrics of “Barbie Drip” jump back and forth between Nicki’s wealth and her romantic interludes. Most of her words, verse-wise, are about her fame and financial success. 

For instance, Minaj brags that she’s received millions of dollars in advances for work she has yet to do.  She has also reached the point in her career where she can turn down major offers. When she goes into a clothing store, she is financially empowered enough to buy everything that she can fit. Additionally, she takes time to show some love to Lil Wayne and threaten anyone who may be thinking about harming him. Nicki also dedicates a few bars to criticizing rivals, specifically those who she feels are sweating her too hard. This is likely an allusion to Cardi B more than anyone else, whom Nicki has a well-publicized beef with, as many rap fans have accused Cardi of copying Nicki’s style. In the choruses, Nicki explains how her wealth and charisma gives her the ability to appeal to men. However, she also elucidates that she prays for her multitude of blessings, which she promptly receives upon request.

Quick Facts about “Barbie Drip”

  • Writer(s): Nicki Minaj wrote the entire lyrics of “Barbie Drip”.
  • Is this a Remix?: Yes, it is. It is a remix of Lil Baby and Gunna’s 2018 hit song “Drip Too Hard”.
  • Producer(s): Music producer Turbo (who also produced Drip Too Hard) is credited with producing this remix.
  • Release Date: Minaj dropped this song on February 2, 2019.

Is this Nicki Minaj’s first collaboration with producer Turbo the Great?

Yes. Prior to “Barbie Drip”, Minaj had never directly or indirectly worked with Turbo.

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