“Wanna Be Myself” by Mamamoo

As the title of this song (“Wanna Be Myself”) implies, the singers are asserting that they ‘want to be themselves’. Or another way of generally looking at this statement is that they desired to exert their natural individual freedoms. More specifically, the first verse is based on one pursuing their dreams – despite if they fail or succeed – because it is in fact their dream. 

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The second verse seemingly centers on the depression an individual can feel when they put on a façade, i.e. not being allowed to be their true self. The third verse begins along a similar vein, as in the ladies acknowledging that the way one perceives a person may not be how they actually are. 

And they conclude expressing a similar sentiment to the first verse. And that is that we as people are different and accordingly have different goals. And in the name of fulfilling these challenges, the singer asserts that she just wants to ‘be herself’.

This track was written and produced by K-pop musicians Cosmic Girl and Cosmic Sound.

Being released on 10 September, this is the first song Mamamoo dropped during the year 2020.

Mamamoo is an all-female K-pop group that originally formed circa 2014.

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