‘HIP’ is a bold song about loving oneself. The main music video is comprised of vibrant visuals, well-choreographed dance moves, and gorgeous costumes. The various MAMAMOO members look beautiful as they sing and groove to the rather catchy lyrics. Each member absolutely nails their part in a wonderful display of confidence and charisma.

The theme of the song is reflected in the title ‘HIP’. MAMAMOO are encouraging their fans to be comfortable with who they are as people. References are made to the pressures of conformity to shallow societal norms. MAMAMOO ultimately reject all attempts to put them down. They desire to be their own thing and will not stand for anyone telling them otherwise. Fans and casual listeners will be blown away by an assertive femininity that oozes class and creativity. MAMAMOO encourage young girls and women to define themselves in a judgmental world. They will appreciate this wonderful piece of social commentary.  

‘HIP’ was released by Korean girl group MAMAMOO on November 14, 2019. The Japanese version was unveiled on March 11, 2020. The song is part of MAMAMOO’s “Reality in BLACK” album. It was actually the album’s second single.

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